44 ideas for your Habits Tracker


Today we will be talking about all things habit trackers, or as I call them - lifestyle trackers. I adore these pages in my planner, so versatile and fun to use, not only for tracking habits, but also as a prompt to complete certain activities too (see the Tips & Tricks section below). 

The beauty of any habit tracker is that you can track absolutely anything! No set rules or guidelines here, you can change what you track every single month too if you want to.


Why using a habit tracker is awesome 
  • It acts as a visual reminder.
  • It encourages you to stay focussed and work towards your set goals.
  • It creates a sense of satisfaction, seeing those ticks is a sure way to motivate you to continue the streak.
  • You can be as creative as you want with it, - hello highlighters and stickers!


44 ideas to get you started

If you are new to habit trackers or stuck for ideas, take a look at the suggestion list below. Of course, there are so many more things you could use it for, but I hope it will give you some ideas.

While the habit tracker pages were designed with core life areas in mind: business & career, home & family, health & fitness, personal - do customise it to suit your life. If you want to track only home & family related items, go for it! If you want to track only one item per category, that's okay too. No rules and no pressure here. 


44 Ideas For Your Habits Tracker | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Blog

  44 Ideas For Your Habits Tracker | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Blog


Tips & Tricks
  • Get creative with colour. The pages in the CEO of My Own Life® planner are 100gsm and are pretty much bleed proof. Get some highlighters, pencils and go wild.
  • Set reminders. Draw boxes or highlight shaded areas to be used as a prompt when certain activities need to be completed. For example, highlight every Tuesday if that's when you water indoor plants, then tick it off when you have done it.
  • Create new habits. You'll get the best results if you update the tracker on a regular basis, ideally daily.


      44 Ideas For Your Habits Tracker | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Blog


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