Planning & Organisation

  • 2022 Planner Guide

    Whether you’re new to Ella Iconic or wondering which new CEO of My Own Life® 2022 planner to add to your collection, this guide will explain the range of options available and help you find the planner that best fits your needs.
  • Effective 6-Step Monthly Planning Routine

    Effective 6-step monthly planning routine. It is simple, straightforward and something I do at the beginning of each calendar month to ensure I stay organised.
  • 3 steps to setting 'SMART' goals with your CEO of My Own Life® planner

    Welcome to Part Two of the ‘How to get the most out of your CEO of My Own Life® Planner’ series. In this post we will cover how to set SMART goals for the year ahead in three simple steps. Starting with making a wish list!

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