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4 Reasons Why Every Girlboss Needs a Life Planner

Ella Iconic

Posted on September 08 2017

Four reasons why every girlboss needs a life planner | Ella Iconic Blog

Hello Girlboss!

So glad to have you here! If you are anything like me then you already know that running a business along side 'normal' life is a) awesome b) challenging c) it means there are not enough hours in the day! I hear you!

From a fellow entrepreneur, trust me when I say, having a life planner is a must! While it won't solve all the world problems, it will indeed help you to manage your hectic life.

Here I am sharing my key reasons for owning a life planner, - would love to hear your thoughts too!

BE IN CONTROL (or keeping your sanity)

There is nothing worse than having those panic moments, when you know you’ve forgotten something, but just not sure what! Did I get that birthday card? Did I reply to Jane? Damn, was I meant to order more stock? Aaah!

This is why writing everything down is a must. Big or small, jot it down. Even when you think you will remember, no, just grab a pen and write it down. 

I have my planner with me everywhere I go and write things down immediately as ideas or "must dos" pop into my head. I also love that everything is in one place, - work, family commitments, birthdays, recipes, ideas, notes and doodles. One place to come back to rather than say, using multiple apps on my phone.

DECREASE STRESS (learning to prioritise)

Let’s be honest, some days you feel on top of the world and some are just a bit blah. You are stressed out. The to do list is a mile long and you don't know where to even begin. This could very easily lead to procrastination if you are not careful. 

Solution? Apart from all the good stuff of getting some fresh air, a nice cup of chamomile tea and 10 minutes of yoga (if that’s your thing). Sit down, and jot down your absolute must dos. Three to five things you really need to get done today. Seriously, the rest can wait.

See what’s happening here? Now, your mile long list is much manageable and doable. Even with the lowest dose of motivation, most of us can attack those. By doing so, not only will you feel less stressed, but also you will sleep easy in knowing that top priorities for the day were done.   

KNOW WHEN TO TAKE A BREAK (there is more to life than work)

When running a business, there will never be that moment when you think, yes, I am ‘done’! Apart from the usual grind, there are moments of inspiration, creativity so it never ends. It is advised that ‘time out’ is penciled in your schedule. Sounds odd, but yes, - block out your 'me time'.

Go for a run. Take a bubble bath. Read a book. Life is for living. Look after yourself and take a break. 

REFLECT (and appreciate your own hard work)

Reflection - whether on your progress or taking time to appreciate how far you’ve come is an important aspect of entrepreneur’s life.

From time to time, go back to your master goals and check in, are you on track? Yes? Awesome, pat on the back and be proud of yourself. No? Not to worry, assess what is going wrong, adjust your sails and keep on moving forward.

I try to do this every month at a minimum and if I can weekly too. I go over my goals I've set for that month, adjust if I have to, cross things off (love that!) and scan over the "Memories to Cherish" sections, - reminding myself of all the wonderful things that have happened. This in turn becomes my 'me time' too.

So like I said, for me a life planner is not just a pretty accessory it is a necessity to feel in control and stay organised in my busy life.


Talking about planners, - have you seen our latest releases? We now have Undated Weeklies which are in stock and 2018 Dailies which you can pre-order. Daily editions should be ready for shipping late October/early November 2017. P.S. Subscribers get a discount! Yay! 

CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® planner is perfect when it comes to getting a visual where you need to focus each day | week. With each day split into four core pillars (business & career | home & family | health & fitness | me) - you can clearly see where you need to focus for the day. This is exactly why CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® planner was created,- to provide structure in our manic lives all the while being stylish. 

With our latest collections we have opted for faux leather in three beautiful and classic colours: black, navy and tan with rose gold foiling (oh yes!). This change (from our previous collection) makes planners very durable and will continue to be in a great condition throughout the year.

Thank you for being here, leave a comment and let's chat!

With love,


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