Closer Look | Weekly CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® Planner

This year we are releasing our first weekly and undated edition of the CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® planner to accommodate those who prefer to see their whole week at a glance. 

We are beyond excited as this something you have been asking for! The weekly editions are naturally thinner (than our 2017 dailies) and come in a standard A5 size. They are covered in a beautifully soft faux leather with a mix of rose gold and copper foiling. We can not wait for all of you to get your hands on these beauties. 

The best part, it is undated therefore you can start using this planner at any point in the year. Our weekly CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® planner is designed to last a full year, with 12-month overviews and 53 weeks (1 extra just in case!).

This weekly edition is filled with great new additions, such as improved financial section, habits tracker, reflection and a good number of lined blank pages for all your notes, doodles and ideas.

Now let's take a closer look at the weekly pages and how you could adapt this planner to your life.



As mentioned above, there are 53 undated weekly planning views (two pages for each week), - so you can comfortably use this planner for the whole year. Perfect! 


At the start of each week, fill in the "This Week's Mantra" box, - setting a tone for the week ahead, - you can go for quotes or words that really inspire you and something you can refer to throughout the week. 

Also, you will find "Each Day I Am Thankful For" sections at the bottom of each day, which we highly recommend you complete. Spending some time each day to be grateful and reflecting on the day trains your brain not only to appreciate each day but also has a positive impact on one's life. 


There is no doubt about it, our lives are busy. Saying that with careful planning we can in fact gain time, assuming the time is spent wisely.

It is advised we are critical with our to do lists, - what we want vs. what we need to achieve are very different. So in the "This Week's Priorities": list all the key items you really must/should complete this week. Items that you would classify as urgent and important. 

This could cover any part of your life, - just key things you can/should not forget. Once that is down, jot down when you are going to do them in the weekly spread, as well as adding further notes in the sections at the bottom.

Say you must remember to finalise a work presentation, add this to my top priorities and then block a suitable time during the week to finish it, add any further ideas related to the presentation in the business section. 


Each one of us have a preferred way of planning, some prefer to do lists while others go for a more timely approach, - now you can do both all in one planner. If you love to stick to a schedule then you are sorted, - you can organise your day (appointments, daily action plans, etc.) in the hourly sections (5am to 11pm).

If however, you are more of a to do list type of girlboss then you can cover the times with some pretty washi tape and proceed as required.


Write down all the memories you wish to remember in the "Memories to Cherish" section. Imagine how wonderful it will be to read back all the great things that have happened in a particular year.  


We hope you enjoyed this post and we will go more in depth about our new planner in further posts. 

The weekly CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® planners are now available to be pre ordered. We anticipate to be able to ship all the orders in late July/early August. 


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions we would love to hear from you. 

With Love, 

Rugile | Ella Iconic Team


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