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SS18 New Arrivals | My Body Is My Temple Journal

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Posted on February 04 2018


If getting fit & healthy is one of your New Year's resolutions we have something very special for you! A brand new food & fitness journal "My Body is My Temple". 

It is an undated 52 week journal to encourage you to track your eating and exercise habits, journal how you are feeling, jot down weekly shopping lists and recipe ideas. It is a light journal in a standard A5 size with beautiful extra white 120 gsm paper with a stunning cover to match. 

Every year without fail, normally in the first week of January I sit down to jot down my New Year's resolutions. Some don't like doing so, but I love to write down all the things I wish to achieve during the upcoming year. Not all my resolutions include giving something up or encourage change, some items are purely for personal satisfaction (i.e. go on a holiday to a place I've never been to). However there is always a standard one, - focus on my health & fitness.

Good physical and mental health is vital so I do try to look after myself as much as I can. I am definitely not a gym junkie and love a good glass of wine far too much, so keeping myself in check is a must. Some years I succeed, some years I fail, - but God loves a trier!

If you have read our previous post  "A lot can happen in a year | 2017", you will know that each new product is personally tested to ensure it adds value, is fun to use and serves it's purpose. 

So I have been using this journal for a little while now and I am absolutely loving it. It keeps me on track, really makes me feel accountable and encourages me to focus on my health. 

Life is about balance, one of the key reasons why I created the #ceo of my own life planner was to ensure we don't neglect areas of our life. Business, family time, health and personal time out are equally important to live a balanced and happy life. 

So when it comes to health I am always on a mission to get it right (again)! Over the years I have lost and gained weight numerous times and will share what has worked for me the best:


Identifying the driving force for the change.

Are you trying to lose weight by a specific date or get fitter for a special event? Perhaps you simply just want to feel more energised, less stressed and happier. It is useful to identify what is driving you to make this change in your life. 


One week at a time.

Planning your weight and exercise goals one week at a time is simply less daunting. When I was trying to lose 2st, - my weekly goals were ranging from 1lb - 2lb and exercise 3 x a week. That was my focus. One week at a time. Same applied to weighing myself, - once a week and no more.


Make a plan and stick to it.

If I don't know what I am going to be eating for lunch or dinner it is likely to end up being a takeaway, sad but true. With running a business I am always on the go, the to do list is endless and without careful planning, I end up craving comfort food at the end of the day. Therefore meal prep is crucial for staying on track.

On a Sunday, I sit down and plan what I will be eating for the rest of the week. By doing so, I can ensure I eat a varied diet, organise my shopping list, plan my treats and so on.

I have had great success in learning to control my portion sizes with calorie counting. Not only was I able to lose the 2st I also managed to maintain it now for pretty much 5 years. Albeit it is slightly creeping back up so I am back to watching what I eat.


Meaning no eating while working (guilty!) or watching TV. Food can only be really enjoyed when full attention is given. Also less chance of mindless overeating. Give you meal times some love.


Making the journey fun.

With Pinterest and countless cool recipe books now available we are sure spoilt for choice. Trying new recipes and introducing new foods is a great motivational tool. Endeavour to try a new recipe at least once a week. 

Personally I am trying a vegan way of living these days. Slowly learning, failing some days but thoroughly enjoying the process.


If you really want to make a change it takes time, patience and dedication. But feeling well, strong is a sure way to make yourself to feel happier.

The new journals are now in stock and available to buy here. Use it daily, enjoy the journey and cheers to a healthy, happy and vibrant twenty eighteen!


I would love to hear your change stories and tips for success! Do share it in the comments below.


Much Love,



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