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  • Four reasons why I spectacularly failed at my fitness goals & how to do it right

    This month I spectacularly failed at my fitness goals. Four weeks went by and I achieved nothing, - nada, zilch. Let me start at the beginning, why I failed so badly and what I have learned since.

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  • 5 reasons why undated planners are awesome!

      You can start Today The doorbell rings – you have a delivery. You eagerly open up the package and find it’s the planner you’ve been eyeing up for ages. The great thing about this particular planner is that it’s undated. You can start using it right away. No set dates, no need to wait – whethe... View Post
  • Six New Year's Resolutions For the Best 2019!

    Hello, Twenty Nineteen! A new year calls for new year's resolutions ( love-hate relationship for some, but I love them!) and here are mine - something a little different from the usual ones. View Post
  • 4 Reasons Why Every Girlboss Needs a Life Planner

    Hello Girlboss! So glad to have you here! If you are anything like me then you already know that running a business along side 'normal' life is a) awesome b) challenging c) it means there are not enough hours in the day! I hear you! From a fellow entrepreneur, trust me when I say, having a life ... View Post