Which 2020 CEO of My Own Life® Planner is right for me?

Picking the right planner is no easy task. It’s a decision that should not be taken lightly, as it will be your companion for an entire year. So, with this in mind, we have put together a simple guide to assist you in making the right decision for you.


Daily Planners vs Weekly Planners

While this is a very much a personal preference, there are a couple of things to consider when buying a daily vs weekly CEO of My Own Life® Planner. 

How much space do you require each day for your to-dos?

  • I am a busy bee: go for a daily planner 
  • I have a handful of to-dos on daily basis: go for a weekly planner 

Our day-a-page planners give you ample writing space for each day of the year. Each day has a 5am–11pm hourly schedule on the left, along with core planning sections – business & career | home & family | health & fitness | personal ­­– on the right. These sections are perfect for to-dos and notes for each area of your life. A quick glance will let you know what needs to be completed and when. 

At the top of the page, you are prompted to write down your mantra for the day, followed by what you are thankful for at the end.

If you only have a handful of to-dos each day and prefer to plan your entire week in one go, then a weekly planner is where it is at. As a side note, weekly overviews are present in daily planners too. 



Our weekly planners show each week over two pages and, similar to the daily planners, there is a daily schedule and a section for core planning. This time, the daily schedule is 6am–9pm, with 30-minute increments; the core planning sections at the bottom are business & career | home & family | health & fitness | personal. On the far left, you will find dedicated spaces for your Top Priorities, a Do Not Forget box (for items classed as ‘urgent’) and a Gratitude section. 


When does your day start and end?

Schedules differ in the weekly vs daily 2020 CEO of My Own Life® Planners, as follows:
  • Daily planners: 5am–11pm schedule | 1-hour increments
  • Weekly planners: 6am–9pm schedule | 30-minute increments


      Do you require blank pages for notes?

      • Yes: go for a weekly planner
      • No: go for a daily planner
      Daily planners provide ample writing space for each day, so, to avoid making them too heavy to carry around, they do not have blank pages at the back. 
      If note pages are a must for you, then weekly planners might be a better option as there are 20 lined and 22 blank pages at the back of each planner.

      Is weight an issue for you?

      • Yes: go for a weekly planner
      • No: go for a daily and/or weekly planner
      Naturally, weekly planners are a lot lighter than daily planners due to them having fewer pages. A weekly planner weighs 1lb and a daily planner weighs 1.9 lbs.
      While all editions are portable, and many carry their daily planners on a daily basis (including me), if you prefer a light planner, then a weekly planner might be a better choice. 


      Classic vs Spiral Daily Editions



      Do you prefer leather or prints? 

      Classic editions are bound in a luxurious and soft-to-touch faux leather with either gold or rose-gold foiling. They come in a standard A5 format and are around an inch thick. For 2020, you can choose from our usual best-sellers – ‘Classic Black’ or ‘Midnight Blue’ – or make a statement with a vibrant red edition – ‘Wild Fire’. If understated elegance appeals to you, then the stunning ‘Silk White’ is a perfect choice. 

      Spiral planners are a little larger than Classic ones and pages are bound with rose-gold spirals. You get to choose from three different cover designs, whichever suits your personality the best: a playful ‘Dalmatian’, ‘Inspiration’, which will keep you motivated with plenty of inspirational messages on the cover, or ‘Minimalism’, an elegant, understated design. 



      How busy are you on the weekends?

      • I am a busy bee: go for a Classic edition
      • Weekends are for relaxing: go for a Spiral edition 
      Both editions are identical apart from one thing: weekends. 
      In the Classic edition, Saturday and Sunday have a page each. In the Spiral planners, however, the weekend days share a page. So it is all down to the question: how busy you are on weekends? If you have a lot going on and need ample writing space, then a Classic planner will be a lot better suited to you than a Spiral planner.

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      We hope you have found the above helpful. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments or get in touch via email on info@ellaiconic.co.uk.



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