A5 Personal Planner Monthly Dividers | Jan - Dec


A set of twelve high quality lightly frosted plastic monthly dividers with monthly tabs printed in black ink. 

These durable, waterproof and scratch-proof planner dividers come already hole-punched. Use these dividers to separate your planner inserts as well as a monthly dashboard using our post it notes and stickers.  

When using these dividers with a complete set of 2021 weekly CEO of My Own Life® inserts, we recommend to split the inserts to 6 months at a time. 

    Key facts:

    • Set: 12 Jan - Dec Monthly Dividers
    • Size: A5 | H 21cm x  L 14.8cm 
    • Material: Durable Plastic
    • Colour: Lightly frosted with a light blue tint