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SALE | The Imperfect Planners



These best selling 2018 Daily Planners SOLD OUT super quickly!

While we do not intend to manufacture more for 2018, we do have a small number which have failed our standard quality control and we consider them as The Imperfect Ones

These planners can be used as per normal but some noted defects (not all at once) can be found but not limited to: slighty damaged back pockets, smeared sides, minimal print bleed on some pages, scratched covers etc.

They are perfectly usable just not something we class as in a perfect condition. 

Therefore please ensure you are aware and agree to the above should you want to grab yourself a bargain. 

The imperfect planners will be NON REFUNDABLE and sold as is. There are no pictures of the defects as each planner may have different ones.