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ELLA ICONIC is a new and exciting UK brand designing and sourcing elegant, inspiring stationery as well as selected lifestyle essentials for busy professionals and lovers of something special & unique.

The concept of CEO OF MY OWN LIFE™ was born when the founder decided she wants to run a business that would inspire people to take control of their lives, encourage all to follow their passions and reach for the stars. At the end of the day we are all CEOs regardless of what we do and we are the only ones that can control our destiny.

And as a famous saying goes, - "Success doesn't just happen. It is planned for.": good preparation and planning is key, - this was the moment when CEO OF MY OWN LIFE PLANNER™ was born. Especially designed for busy professionals and entrepreneurs with a day per page style where each day is split into key areas of one's life: BUSINESS | HOME & FAMILY | HEALTH & FITNESS | ME with gratitude and positivity being in the middle of it all. It was created with intention to provide structure and clarity for each day to let us plan effectively. By doing so, the day can be spent achieving all that is required and be happy in knowing that a day was not wasted. 

According to the latest statistics more and more women are starting amazing ventures and business and every #girlboss needs classy stationery!

So if you are looking for something special, unique and not mass produced, then you have come to the right place!