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2018 Daily | CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® Planner | Imperfect Tan

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2018 Daily | CEO of My Own Life ® Planner | The Imperfect Tan



2018 Daily Tan planners have SOLD OUT super quickly.

While we do not intend to manufacture more for 2018, we do have a small number which have failed our standard quality control and we consider them as The Imperfect Ones

The planner itself can be used as per normal but some noted defects (not all at once) can be found but not limited to: slighty damaged back pockets, smeared sides, minimal print bleed on some pages, scratched covers etc.

They are perfectly usable just not something we class as in a perfect condition. 

Therefore please ensure you are aware and agree to the above should you want to grab yourself a bargain. 

The Imperfect Navy planners will be NON REFUNDABLE and sold as is. There are no pictures of the defects as each planner may have different ones.


We are proud to present our 2nd edition of the daily CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® Planner!
We have improved our daily pages by adding a highly requested 5am - 11pm schedule, whilst leaving our core structure: business | home | health | you. You will also find new and exciting additions, - such as monthly habits trackers, adventure planning, weekly overviews and plenty of blank pages for your notes. 



 business & career | home & family | health & fitness | you.


This elegant and stunning daily 2018 planner is perfect for a a busy individual, entrepreneur and lover of something out of the ordinary.

"This CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® planner is designed with you in mind and is based on four key areas of your life: business & career | home & family | health & fitness | you with gratitude and positivity in the middle of it all."

While it allows for total flexibility and adapts to your way of planning, it provides structure by focussing your mind on planning for each area of your life.






Imagining My Future: Space for you to write down/draw your future as you want it to be. Jot down your high-level plans, dreams and aspirations for the year ahead (and beyond!) then break it down in the next section.

My Big Master Plan: Once you are clear on your vision for the year ahead, write down goals and steps you will take to make it happen. Be specific as this will help you to feel accountable.

My Year at a Glance: A page for you to break down your master plan into more manageable monthly goals. By planning your whole year in advance you can always check if you are on track with achieving your master plan.

This Month's Master Plan: Now that you know what you need to achieve each month as per above, break it down further to even more manageable to dos for each area of your life. In the "Weekly Breakdown" section, jot down how you plan to achieve your monthly goals each week. 

Daily Pages: At the start of each day, write down your positive mantra and top priorities for the day. Organise your day (appointments, daily action plans, etc.) in the hourly sections (5am to 11pm) and capture your notes, to dos, goals by type ( business | home | health | you) in the sections provided. At the end of each day, write down what you are grateful for.

Financial Matters: Set a monthly budget and capture your monthly income and outgoings.

Other Pages: Multiple lined pages for all your doodles, notes and ideas. A place to capture all your birthdays and anniversaries as well as key contacts. Pages for travel plans, habit tracking and mood boards.

Inspirational messages and action lists scattered throughout the planner.


"Awesome things happen when awesome plans are made!" 

Rugile Mikutovskiene (CEO & Founder of Ella Iconic) 


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