2020 Daily | CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® Planner | Classic Black



While this beautiful planner will not be restocked for 2020, you can find other colours here.


This 2020 daily CEO of My Own Life® planner was designed with a very specific purpose – to enable busy individuals to better structure their daily lives. It has a set core structure, focusing your planning to four key modules: business & career | home & family | health & fitness | you. 

While it allows for total flexibility and adapts to your way of planning, it provides structure by focussing your mind on planning for each area of your life.




  • A day a page edition: January - December 2020.
  • Aim high: imagine your future and set your annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals.
  • Daily pages:
    • Include sections for your top priorities, 5am - 11pm hourly schedule and daily gratitude.
    • Organise your daily tasks by our core modules business & career | home & family | health & fitness | personal. A quick glance at the different sections tells you instantly what needs to be done and when.
  • Cultivate new habits and track their progress with provided monthly ‘Habit Trackers’.
  • Track your spending and set savings goals in the ‘Financial’ pages.
  • Plan your holidays in the dedicated ‘Time for Adventure’ area.
  • Reflect, unwind and be inspired with motivational quotes, self reflection projects and more.
  • Other pages include: 2020 calendar, UK & USA key holidays, contacts and more.


  • Beautifully soft faux leather with gold foiling and a matching elastic band, with a pocket at the back.
  • Two matching ribbons, - one for your monthly and one for your daily pages.
  • This planner comes in a beautiful keepsake box (if chosen).



  • Size: standard A5
  • Dimensions: 15cm L x 21cm H x 3.5cm W
  • Edition: Daily | January - December 2020 with a Monday start.
  • Design: Classic Black
  • Paper & Pages: uncoated white 100gsm | 544 pages



What is the difference between the 2020 Classic and 2020 Spiral editions?

  • The only difference is the weekends. In the Classic planners, Saturday and Sunday have a page each and in the Spiral planners they share a page.

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