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CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® Planner Printables | Undated Weekly Edition | Weekly View


Want to try our CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® planner before committing to making a purchase? You can instantly download our FREE weekly planning page to test it out how it fits your life. 

This CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® planner is designed with you in mind and is based on four key areas of your life: business & career | home & family | health & fitness | you with gratitude and positivity in the middle of it all. While it allows for total flexibility and adapts to your way of planning, it provides structure by focussing your mind on planning for each area of your life.

At the start of each week, write down your positive mantra and top priorities for the week as well as for each day. Jot down good things as they happen in the "Memories to Cherish" section. Organise your day (appointments, daily action plans, etc.) in the hourly sections (5am to 11pm) and capture your notes, to dos, goals by type in the sections below. Consider creating a habit tracker in the health section!

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