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A little about me, the Founder

I am Rugile (but you can call me, Ella) and I adore beautiful and functional stationery. A lot. I am one of those people who needs to be organised. So much so, I created a life planner called CEO of My Own Life® back in 2015 to help me with my busy life. 

Back then, my life was hectic with long working hours in the financial services in London, a side business, busy home life .. my daily to do list was enormous. I needed an all-in-one life planner to stay sane! When the CEO of My Own Life® planner was born, my life changed in more ways than one. I found my planner peace, left my 9-5 and started Ella Iconic as a full time business. Finally I was able to fulfil my childhood dream of working in a creative environment, be my own boss and share my love of beautiful stationery with the world.

When I am not designing/working, I am passionate about wine (learning about it as well as enjoying a glass or two!), music, especially blues/40s and gardening. If you follow me on Instagram (@ellaiconic), you'll see all of that on stories. 

Ella Iconic in an online stationery boutique, so I have the whole studio to myself which is located in Royal Tunbridge Wells, beautiful Kent (England if you are from overseas). Here you will find me creating all sorts of beautiful productivity products to help you (and me) to stay on top of our busy lives. 

Very proud to share the new 2021 collection of daily and weekly CEO of My Own Life® planners and stationery accessories this Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August 2020 at 11am.

More about the CEO of My Own Life® Planner

Ella Iconic's flagship product is the CEO of My Own Life® Planner, the very first product in the shop back in 2016. Carefully designed to enable you to be better organised and more productive every day in each area of your life. It prompts you to focus your planning to four key modules: business & career | home & family | health & fitness | you. 

It really is a complete life planner for your business, home life, health and personal goals. With the detailed annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goal setting worksheets, habit trackers, financial planning pages and self reflection projects, this all-in-one planner will become your best friend. If you enjoy bullet journaling, then this is a pre-made version. 

Our Purpose & Vision

To bring you gorgeous and functional stationery to keep you organised every single day. We are all about quality vs. quantity, beautiful customer experience, being positive and inspire you to be your best organised self.

If you have a question or ever need to get in touch, pop us an email to and do join us on Instagram (@ellaiconic), - here we share tips how to get the most out of your CEO of My Own Life® planner and other goodies, behind the scenes and updates. 

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