Is the undated CEO of My Own Life® planner the right fit for me?

Is the undated CEO of My Own Life® planner the right fit for me?

The simple beauty of undated life planners is that you can start at any time. You can even skip a week and not waste any pages! So, if you are new to undated planners would like to try a CEO of My Own Life® planner for the first time, this blog post is for you. 

What is the CEO of My Own Life® planner and is it for me?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a working parent, a student or a high-flying lawyer, our CEO of My Own Life® planner is created to enable you to be better organised and more productive every day in each area of your life. It prompts you to focus your daily planning on four key areas: business & career | home & family | health & fitness | you. Essentially, it’s one planner for your whole life and helps you stay organised and achieve your goals in all areas!

Aside from the standard planning pages, you will find well-structured annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly goal-setting worksheets, along with habit trackers, financial planning pages, space for travel plans and areas for self-reflection. You will also find sections for top priorities, memory-keeping, and noting down what you’re grateful for.

You’ll be able to:  

  • Start at any time.  
  • Plan out and achieve your goals.  
  • Organise your to-do list. 
  • Get the most out of your day with our 6:00 - 22:00 schedule (in 30-minute increments), which allows for detailed daily planning.
  • Cultivate new habits and track their progress.
  • Get on top of your finances by tracking your spending and saving goals.
  • Plan your holidays (hopefully soon!).
  • Reflect, unwind and be inspired by motivational quotes
If you like the sound of all of this, read on…


One planner for your whole life • A5 Black Undated Weekly CEO of My Own Life® Planner • Ella Iconic Stationery UK


A colour to suit every taste

Our undated range comes in four gorgeous colours and each planner is bound in butter-soft vegan leather with rose gold details. You can choose from:

  • Black – in two styles (the Classic and what was previously known as the Limited Edition)
  • Shadow – an elegant shade of light grey
  • Modern Blue – a deep blue with a hint of dark teal
  • Blush – a beautiful pastel shade of pink

All our weekly life planners are A5 in size, with 100gsm uncoated ivory paper, and you’ll find 288 pages for all your planning needs. Each one weighs less than 1lb, so is certainly light enough to be carried around everywhere you go.   

What's inside?

At the front of the planner, you will find standard pages such as key contacts, space for important dates and so on, as well as pages for annual and quarterly planning for each area of your life. 

Ella Iconic CEO of My Own Life® Undated Weekly Planner | Goal Setting Pages


Q&A: Is there any difference between dated and undated editions apart from the dates?

Yes. Apart from these planners being undated, the key difference is the order of pages.

Twelve-monthly goal setting and monthly spreads (each month a glance) with financial pages, along with habit trackers, are grouped at the front, with motivational messages and self-reflection spaces present between each undated month. 


This is then followed by 53 undated weekly spreads. At a minimum, this undated weekly planner will keep you covered for the whole year. 

 Ella Iconic CEO of My Own Life® Undated Weekly Planner


We use 100gsm paper which means it is thick enough to take most water-based highlighters, so you can keep it minimal or jazz it up with colour. If stickers are your thing, we have a range of colour-coding and organisational planner stickers we think you will love.  

At the end of each planner, you will find 64 lined note pages and a pocket for any loose documents. And if long list are your thing and this isn’t enough space, each planner has a matching notebook too.


Ella Iconic Vegan Leather A5 Lined Notebooks


So, there you have it. If you’re ready to start right now (or any time you want) and get your whole life organised in one planner, our undated planner is for you. And if you’re the sort of person who might miss a week, it doesn’t matter! You won’t waste any pages and can come back to it whenever you want – such is the beauty of an undated CEO of My Own Life® planner.

Back in 2019 we shared a blog post why we think our undated planners are awesome, check it out below. 


Ella Iconic Blog | 5 Reasons Why Undated Planners Are Awesome


We really hope you’ve found this overview helpful. Please feel free to leave comments and questions below. And do check out our rave customer reviews below, all of which are about our undated edition.


A Must-Buy! (5 stars)

“I found this product through Instagram, looked through the story before purchasing, and was SO pleased with the content/layout as it’s exactly what I wanted! From a page a month for finances, monthly plan spread, weekly spreads with daily timed spaces and, of course, the monthly habit tracker spread, as well as a few other useful pages, plus plenty of note-taking room at the back and dotted pages too! So so pleased I got this as it has enabled me to get back into structured days (especially during lockdown) and will definitely be buying more in the future! It came beautifully packaged too and with a cute thank you note!” – Laura on 

Amazing!! (5 stars)

“This planner has sorted my life out! Especially during lockdown, it has given me structure to each day and keeps me motivated to keep up with my daily habits! Would recommend to anyone who struggles motivating themselves to get things done! Even came with a lovely handwritten thank you note, which really made it that extra bit special.” – Nikki Stephenson on 

Best planner on the market (5 stars)

“So well thought out and organised. Helps me keep everything on track in one place.” – Nicki Hoyne on 



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