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How can digital CEO of My Own Life® Planner help you in your every day

Learn why this planner has been a firm favourite for many women since 2016. Now available in digital form.

Complete organisation

Stay of on top of your work to-dos, family commitments, personal and health goals.

With you, always

Add GoodNotes app to your iPhone and you can view your digital CEO of My Own Life® planner on the go, even without using an iPad.

Cost effective

With no paper to print, enjoy this all-in-one life planner at a much more affordable price.

The only planner you'll ever need to finally feel in control.

CEO of My Own Life® planner is designed to enable you to organise your whole life in one planner.

Never miss an important appointment or a family event by organise your daily to-dos for every area of your life: work, home life, health & personal.

With added pages for projects, financial planning & habit trackers, this one is only planner you'll ever need.

CEO of My Own Life® Planner

Set your intentions

Just like with a paper planner, set your intentions for the year ahead and meet your Index, from where you will be able to access any part of this digital planner.

CEO of My Own Life® Planner

Clear goal setting with an actionable plan

How will you get there if you don't know where you are going? Set goals for the year ahead to motivate yourself to keep pushing forward.

CEO of My Own Life® Planner

View monthly commitments & goals at a glance

Add key dates, organise your family’s commitments, schedule workouts and personal to-dos.

CEO of My Own Life® Planner

Never miss an appointment or forget what needs to be done

Highlight sections to time block, add appointments and organise to-dos by type below the schedule.

CEO of My Own Life® Planner

Cultivate good habits & look after your mental health

Monthly dated trackers ideal for keeping an eye on personal goals, cultivating good habits or even projects.

CEO of My Own Life® Planner

Time to set a budget

Stay on top of your monthly financials. Record income and expenses, monitor your savings and there is plenty of space for calculations and notes.

CEO of My Own Life® Planner

Are you ready?

Lost more planning content, including fully interactive dated calendars, project templates, Christmas planning and more!

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