2024 Notion Life Planner Template | CEO of My Own Life®

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2024 CEO of My Own Life® planner is now available in Notion!

  • Buy once, use forever!
  • How to use instructions on every page. Ideal for beginners to Notion.
  • Organise your work, home life, health, and personal goals all in one planner. 
  • Colourful design with example data.

What is a CEO of My Own Life® planner?

CEO of My Own Life® planner is a comprehensive planner designed to organise various aspects of one's life. This planner isn't just about tracking dates and tasks; it's about encompassing every dimension of your life, including work, family life, health, and personal commitments. It is aimed at helping you to  balance your professional and personal lives, whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, running a small business, or managing daily life.

What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace app designed to combine notes, tasks, databases, and project management in a single, customisable platform, streamlining organisation and collaboration for both personal and professional use.

This template has been specifically designed for easy and intuitive navigation, even if you've never used  Notion before!

Templates included:

  • Master Goals Hub
  • Business/Career Hub
  • Home & Family Hub
  • Health & Fitness Hub
  • Personal Hub
  • Important Dates
  • All To-Dos at a Glance
  • Today’s Agenda
  • Weekly Agenda
  • Home Finances
    • Regular Payments
    • Debt Tracker
    • Savings Tracker
  • Weekly Meal Planner
    • Recipes
  • House Chores
  • Habits Tracker
    • 30-day Challenges
  • Project Management
  • Daily Journal.

Accessing this Notion meal planner is simple. If you're new to Notion, you can sign up for at Notion.so (for free). Once you have an account, you can add this 2024 life planner Notion template to your dashboard (by duplicating it) and start using  and personalising it to your taste.

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Due to the nature of digital products, digital goods are sold as and are non-refundable. Please review photos and read the product descriptions carefully to ensure a chosen product is suitable to your needs.

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