24 uplifting and fun dates to look forward to in 2021

24 uplifting and fun dates to look forward to in 2021

With the never ending lockdowns and rather depressing daily news, we have collated a list of twenty four uplifting and fun dates we can all look forward to this year. Being a wine enthusiast, I think 25th May might just be my favourite!


January 2021

11th January 2021 - Clean Off Your Desk Day

Spruce up your working space. Organise and file your paperwork. Consider reviewing all your digital files too. Invest in beautiful stationery and make your ‘working from home’ space as gorgeous as you can.

13th January 2021 - Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Encourages us to be proactive about achieving what we really want in life. If you have been procrastinating lately, start today. Sit down, make a plan and start working on fulfilling your dream. Having a focus will help you to distract yourself from the current situation we find ourselves in. And just think, what you can achieve in just year if you start today! 


February 2021

17th February - Random Acts of Kindness Day

Lend a helping hand to someone in need and pay it forward.

22nd February - Single Tasking Day 

Some say multitasking reduces productivity. So, make a list today and work on one thing at a time. Do not more forward until you completed have the task your are working on. 


March 2021

4th March - World Book Day 

Created in 1995, the World Book Day encourages us to discover the pleasure of reading. Time to get a new book and get lost in beautiful fiction!

8th March - International Women’s Day 

Our day ladies! We can do anything we want on this day!!  


April 2021

1st April - Have Fun at Work Day 

Oh, the possibilities are endless here! 

14th April - Look Up at The Sky Day 

Encourages us to spend more time outdoors and simply appreciate the beauty of nature. Look up!


May 2021

6th May - No Diet Day

Despite what social media, magazines and society tells us, we are perfect just as we are and this day encourages us to appreciate our bodies, love and accept ourselves.

25th May - National Wine Day 

Need I say more?!


June 2021

1st June - Say Something Nice Day

A day to uplift others and spread joy and happiness. According to some, this unofficial holiday was inspired by Mitchell Carnell's book, Say Something Nice - Be a Lifter @ Work. Perhaps something to be added and enjoyed on the World Book Day!

12th June - World Gin Day

The Botanist Wild Cherry anyone?


July 2021

12th July - Simplicity Day 

Encourages us to embrace the simple things in life and appreciate what we have. 

7th July - World Chocolate Day 

Yes please! Let’s get baking!


August 2021

15th August - Relaxation Day 

A reminder to slow down, breathe in and take a moment to unwind. Luckily this day falls on a Sunday too!

8th August - Happiness Happens Day

Do something that makes you happy. Do something that makes people around you happy. A reminder to share happy, joyful and uplifting messages throughout the day.


September 2021

13th September - Positive Thinking Day 

Encourages us to approach difficult situations in life with optimism.

26th September - Love Note Day 

One of the most romantic ways to tell that special person how you feel about them. Life is short, get a pen, paper and write a Love Note to your special someone today.


October 2021

1st October - World Smile Day 

It is said, "A smile can change someone's day." How many will you make smile today?

10th October  - World Mental Heath Day

Research. Learn. Reach out. Help. So very important especially these days!


November 2021

11th November - Singles Day 

Mostly known in China, where singles celebrate this day by treating themselves to gifts and presents. Sounds good to me!

13th November - World Kindness Day

Created in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. This unofficial holiday encourages us to be kind to each other and spread happiness, joy and peace. What will you do today to participate?


December 2021

3rd December  - Make a Gift Day 

With Christmas approaching, Make a Gift Day encourages us to make personal gifts for our loved ones. 

14th December - Christmas Jumper Day

Just because it is fun!


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