5 reasons why undated planners are awesome!

5 reasons why undated planners are awesome!
1. You can start today!

The doorbell rings – you have a delivery. You eagerly open up the package and find it’s the planner you’ve been eyeing up for ages. The great thing about this particular planner is that it’s undated. You can start using it right away. No set dates, no need to wait – whether it’s June or October, you can start organising your life today!


2. You can make it your own

The inside pages of the undated CEO of My Own Life® planners are left neutral for a reason. We want to give you the freedom to adapt it to your personality. Add a touch of colour with planner stickers and highlights or leave it as it is for a minimalistic look. 


3. They enable focused organisation

The CEO of My Own Life® planner was designed with a very specific purpose – to enable busy individuals to better structure their daily lives. It has a set core structure, focusing your planning to four modules: business & career | home & family | health & fitness | you. 

Say you’re a busy mum who also works full time. Your to-do list is endless. You have reminders on your phone, Post-Its on your fridge, a notebook and a journal, and you still feel totally overwhelmed. 

With the CEO of My Own Life® planner, you are able to organise your busy and complex daily life by jotting down your work and family commitments in one place. A quick glance at the different sections tells you instantly what needs to be done and when.

Other sections include a 6am-to-9pm schedule with 30-minute increments, as well as areas for top priorities, memory-keeping and noting down what you’re grateful for. 


4. They help you form good habits

It has been found that it takes just over two months to form a habit. No doubt this varies, as none of us are the same. Well, the CEO of My Own Life® planner brings you a Habit Tracker for the entire year – so whatever your progress, you can track it. 

The Habit Tracker page comes split into four areas that match our core organisation modules: business & career | home & family | health & fitness | youSaying that, it is your planner and you can adapt it to whatever you find works best. But one thing’s for sure: seeing those ticks is sure motivation to keep up the good work!

 Ella Iconic | Undated Weekly Life Planner Diary | CEO of My Own Life® | Habits Tracker Page 


5. They’re as light as a feather

All the undated CEO of My Own Life® planners are weekly, making them a lot thinner than the daily planners. They look and feel just like a luxurious notebook – but, instead of being an unstructured notebook, they’re a life planner.

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