Four things you need to start using a digital planner

4 things you need to start using a digital planner • Ella Iconic Blog | Digital Planning

Curious to get started with digital planning but not quite sure what you need to get going? Let's cover the basics.

What is a digital planner?

Digital planners are interactive PDF files to be used with PDF annotation apps which are sold separately. All ella iconic® digital planners, agendas and journals are optimised to be used with a PDF annotation app called GoodNotes. This and other similar apps can be purchased separately on an Apple App Store.

Why digital planners are the way to go?

The beauty of digital planning is endless! Not only we will all be helping the environment by using less paper, you can have as many planners and journals on the same device as you wish. Also, you can view the content on your iPhone and Mac too, - as long as you've got the GoodNotes app downloaded and synced on all of your iOS devices. So your planner will always be with you!

You can also say goodbye to all the mess. Need to move an appointment? Plans have changed? No problem! Erase, update and you are done.

Enjoy creative planning and journaling? Add images, photos, digital stickers to truly make your digital planner your own. 

No more clutter on your desk. Imagine having a planner, notebook, journal all-in-one, - your iPad.   

Four things you will need to get started with digital planning:

This is our recommendation for all ella iconic® digital planners:

1. The first thing you will need is an iPad. While you can view digital planners on your Mac and iPhone, an iPad is comes with a stylus (another word for a digital pen) which is what you will need to fully enjoy digital planners. 

2. A stylus, (an Apple pencil) which needs to be compatible with your chosen iPad.

3. PDF annotation app. Currently all ella iconic® digital planner are optimised to be using with GoodNotes application. You can purchase and download it from the Apple's App store. 

4. An interactive digital planner in a PDF format. 

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