Planning with 'This Week's Menu' Planner Inserts

Planning with 'This Week's Menu' Planner Inserts

If you are on a health kick or simply enjoy meal planning and tracking your weekly health & fitness progress I hope you’ll love these planner inserts.

Designed for you to:

  • start at any time (they are undated)
  • plan your weekly meals
  • organise food shops or use it as weekly diary
  • set your fitness/health goals
  • monitor your weekly and overall 12-week progress
  • each set will last you three months (twelve weeks)  

If this sounds like something you will enjoy using, then this blog post is for you! 

Ella Iconic Undated Weekly Meal Planning Planner Inserts | UK


What's included in a set?

You will receive:

12 x Undated meal planning pages to cover twelve weeks.
12 x Weekly progress reports found at the back of the above.
1 x Twelve-week master progress report.
13 pages in total which will cover your for three months.

Printed here in the UK and will arrive hole punched ready for your 6-ring A5 personal organiser. Just slot them in and you are good to go!

No need to wait for January either, these inserts are undated so that you can start at any time. If you have a particular goal in mind, just imagine where you could be in three short months!

As the saying goes: 

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” Earl Nightingale 


Using the weekly menus and progress reports

The minimalistic design of the undated weekly meal planning sheets allows you ample space to map out your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. At the back, you will find your weekly progress report. Here, if you wish, you can track your weight, log your exercise, organise your food shop (or use it for recipes, as a diary etc.) and rate your daily effort using the Effort Wheel. 


Ella Iconic Undated Weekly Meal Planning Planner Inserts | UK


Before I go on, let me tell you a bit more about the Effort Wheel (I ❤️ this), as this is where you can really get creative! Here, you can write down your daily calorie intake (if you are on a calorie-counting diet), log points for Weight Watchers, rate your daily effort from 1–10, or colour-code your good days – whatever works for you


Ella Iconic Undated Weekly Meal Planning Planner Inserts | UK


In short, the Effort Wheel will motivate you to have 'your perfect week’ – whatever that may mean for you. It might be giving 100% every day, or giving 100% Monday to Friday and having weekends as rest days. There are no rules here and the possibilities are endless. So, play around and see what motivates you. You can change how you use it every week too!


Ella Iconic Undated Weekly Meal Planning Planner Inserts | UK


Twelve-week master progress report

In addition to above, you will get one page that acts as your master progress report for the twelve weeks. At the top, you’ll find a section you can use to set your health and fitness goals. Below this, there’s an area where you can log weekly weigh-ins and body measurements (if this is something you want to track). There is also a blank dot grid page at the back for general notes. 

This is a stand alone page, if you don't want to track any measurements, you can completely ignore this page and just use the meal planning sheets instead.


Ella Iconic Undated Weekly Meal Planning Planner Inserts | UK


What if I don’t own a personal organiser?

No problem! If you don't use a personal organiser, but love the sound of these inserts, take a look at the A4 Weekly Meal Planning Deskpad. It has 50 undated weekly meal planning pages and the layout is pretty much the same (apart from not having the twelve-week master progress report). 


Ella Iconic Undated Weekly Meal Planning A4 Notepad | UK


Hope you have found this post informative, but should have any questions please do leave them in the comments below or get in touch via email at

Happy planning!


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