How to set up your Ella Iconic Personal Organiser to suit your life

How to set up your Ella Iconic Personal Organiser to suit your life

With our range of undated CEO of My Own Life® planner inserts and accessories. 

The newest addition to the Ella Iconic CEO of MY Own Life® planner range, the personal organisers, have been such a huge hit that when our 2021 planner inserts sold out, we knew we had to get to work on an undated range!

Our range of undated planner inserts not only lets you start at any point in the year, but also allows you to build a customisable CEO of MY Own Life® planner based on what works best for you. Choose from a range of daily and weekly layouts based on the four exclusive Ella Iconic planning pillars of business and career, home and family, health and fitness and personal planning. 

The range is designed to offer everything you need to create your own complete life planner. Looking to kickstart your health and fitness plans? Add our 12 week meal and workout planner inserts to help you follow through on your good intentions. Heading to an important meeting or tracking progress against a big goal? Our refill packs of lined or dot grid notes pages have you covered. And our matching accessories, from hole-punched dividers and rose gold clips to elegant pens and a range of sticker sets will keep your plans beautifully organised. 

So how should you set up your CEO of MY Own Life® personal organiser? The choice is yours! But let’s dive in to our planner inserts range and explore how you can mix and match our unique inserts to build your own perfect planner. 

Mastermind your monthly plans

The monthly planning set of undated inserts will be the foundation of all your plans in the personal organiser. Use the monthly master plan page to set yourself a positive message for the month ahead and detail your goals in the four Ella Iconic planning pillars of business and career, home and family, health and fitness and personal planning. A notes section allows you to capture important thoughts and appointments, with dedicated spaces for memories to cherish and reminders for next month.

Your month-at-a-glance double page spread is the place to create a high level overview of the occasions and obligations you have coming up, while a habit tracker and financial planning spread will keep you on track with your bullet journaling and your budget. Each monthly planning set ends with a dot grid notes page.   

Choose a layout that matches your planning style

Whether you choose our day per page, week on two pages or new weekly planning layout, our high quality 120gsm paper can handle all your colourful plans with no ink bleed-through. You can change up the planning pages you use at different points throughout the year, or combine them for a bespoke planning system that’s ideally suited to your needs. Whichever you choose, the pre-cut inserts slot into the organiser in seconds and help you build consistent, meaningful plans across the four planning pillars.  

Day per page inserts • the perfect combo of timetable and to-do

Based on our classic daily CEO of MY Own Life® planner, this layout is ideal for those who like to combine a to-do list with a daily schedule. Highlight your day’s priorities at the top of the page, jot down important tasks in your four pillar planning boxes and use the 5am – 12 midnight hourly schedule to block out time for appointments and periods of work, rest and play. Each page also includes space to record daily gratitude. Undated day per page inserts are available in 1 month, 3 month or 6 month packs. 

Ella Iconic | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Undated Daily Inserts


Week on two page inserts • for the serious schedulers

Based on our classic weekly CEO of MY Own Life® planner, this layout is ideal for those who plan primarily through scheduling. Whether you’re booking in client appointments or setting aside fixed windows of time to achieve your goals, you’ll see a seven day schedule across two pages, with daily timetables running from 6am to 10pm in 30 minute increments. Each weekly spread includes space to record a daily focus as well as top priorities for the week, weekly memories and gratitude and to-do lists for each of the four planning pillars. Undated week on two page inserts come in a 53 week pack.  

Ella Iconic | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Undated Week on Two Pages Inserts


Weekly planning layout • for the list lovers

A brand new layout within the Ella Iconic range, the weekly planning pages offer to-do list based planning for those who prefer to keep a flexible schedule while making progress on their goals. The left hand side of a two page spread contains areas to list tasks, reminders and appointments for each day of the week. On the right hand page, you can note your goals and to-do list items for each of the four planning pillars as well as listing your priorities for the week, jotting down important notes and updating a mini habit-tracker. Undated weekly planning inserts come in a 53 week pack.

Ella Iconic | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Undated Weekly Inserts

Power up your planning with additional inserts

Building a customised personal organiser means you can tailor it to work in exactly the way you want. Our range of additional inserts can help you supercharge your planning power and move closer to your goals. 

Meal planning and fitness inserts

Our undated 12 week meal planning and fitness insert means you don’t have to wait until the first of January – or the first sight of swimwear in the shops – to get started on your health and fitness plans. Helping you stay motivated to keep going, this pack begins with space to record your goals and stay focused on the reasons behind your healthy journey. Whether your plans involve weight loss or muscle gain, you can track and celebrate your progress by noting how your measurements change from week to week. Make it easier to stick to healthy eating plans by completing your seven day meal planner each week and use your weekly progress pages to keep track of your exercise regime, recipe ideas and shopping lists. Don’t forget to transfer your healthy shopping and workout plans to your daily or weekly planning pages to make space for your healthy lifestyle! 

Ella Iconic | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Meal Prep and Fitness Tracking InsertsLined notes refill

Our clean, crisp A5 pages make the lined notes refill pack ideal for those who use their personal organiser as a workplace appropriate notebook in meetings and interviews. Insert a full pack at the back of the organiser for a notebook and planner in one, or place lined pages throughout for monthly, weekly or daily journaling. 

Dot grid notes refill

The orderly layout of our bullet journal style dot grid notes pages is ideal for in-depth tracking of the numbers you need to stay on top of, from sales figures and social media stats to savings goals and daily step counts. The pale grey dots also make an ideal base for mindful doodling! Boost your creativity by drawing visualisations of your goals, practicing calligraphy lettering or designing colourful patterns. You could also design personalised art pieces for a beautiful start to each month or week.    

Use dividers to conquer your plans and goals

Your Ella Iconic personal organiser can be set up however you choose, and our sets of organiser dividers will help you stay beautifully organised. 

Durable and with a lightly frosted finish, the dividers give you a clear view of any page in your planner, and can also be used to create quick goal tracking dashboards with our stickers and sticky notes.  

Our sets of 12 monthly dividers will see you through an entire year, and our four organisation dividers help you keep track of ‘today’, ‘this month’, ‘goals’ and ‘finances’. 

Ella Iconic | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Planner Dividers


If you’d like to begin with high level plans for the year, why not create a monthly planning section at the front of the planner, and break down your big annual goals and projects into manageable monthly tasks? Insert the monthly master planning pages behind the divider for each month, one after the other, so that you have a clear overview of your year. Behind your monthly dividers, insert your choice of daily or weekly planner pages. You can keep track of your place using the ‘this month’ and ‘today’ dividers from the organisation divider pack, and mark key notes with the ‘goals’ and ‘finances’ dividers. 

Or why not use your monthly dividers to create a combined monthly master plan and weekly/daily plans section for each month? Adding a set of organisation dividers within your monthly sections means that today’s plans, as well as that all important financial information, is always at your fingertips. You can also use the ‘goals’ divider to keep you coming back to your 12 week meal and workout progress planner. 

The choices are endless, and the sturdy ring binder means you can keep experimenting until you find what works for you, building your perfect planner in moments!

A personal organiser you'll be proud of!

Your carefully laid plans deserve a planner to be proud of. The Ella Iconic personal organiser is ideal for those looking for a sophisticated planner. It’s robust enough to carry with you as well as offering all the space and sections you need from your planner.

Ella Iconic | CEO of My Own Life® Planner | Luxury A5 Personal Organiser


With elegant matte black cross stitching and a simple rose gold fastening, our 2021 range sold out fast. Now we can reveal that our personal organiser will be back in classic matte black for 2022, and we’ll be offering a new colour too! Sign up here for alerts when pre-orders open to make sure you don’t miss out on this bestselling range. 

In handy A5 size, the 2022 range will fit all our undated inserts and dividers, and is the perfect size to keep by your side all day. Designed in the UK, this stylish personal organiser comes with two large pockets inside the front cover, as well as six business card sized slots and a zipped compartment for USB sticks and small essentials. There’s another large pocket inside the back cover, as well as a pen loop in the signature quality black vegan leather.     

With the ability to choose your planning layout and additional inserts and use exclusive dividers to organise and access your plans, the personal organiser lets you create a customised planner based on the foundation of the four exclusive Ella Iconic planning pillars. Happy planning! 

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  • I adore my CEO planner and will now be building a personalised one too!

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